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Our reality is a masterfully crafted illusion, but it's the narratives that truly shape our thoughts and emotions. When I'm not crafting my own creations, I dedicate my time to assisting individuals and businesses in bringing their visions to life. I write, design, and approach each project as an opportunity to craft an unforgettable experience. S

I'm a blend of Israeli and American heritage, with a wealth of experience as a theater director, actor, and writer. I naturally gravitate toward leadership roles, and you'll often find me snowboarding, tickling the ivories on the piano, spending cherished moments with my family, and producing exceptional original content.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Stage Production (Haifa University)

  • Master's in Cinema (Tel Aviv University)


  • Screenwriting

  • Content Development

  • Video Production

  • Directing for stage

  • Live Marketing

  • Original Entertainment

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