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When I’m not producing my materials, I help individuals and companies to produce theirs. The world around us is a “word made” illusion, but stories change the way we think and feel "for real". I write, design and treat every project as an experience to be born, stories can't fix our world, but with their help we can create new ones.

I'm half Israeli and half American, we speak English in our house and Hebrew to our neighbors. I'm an experienced Director, natural leader, love snowboarding, playing the piano, spend time with my family and producing great original content.

B.A - Stage production (Haifa Uni)

MA - Cinema (TLV Uni)

Online content solutions - B2B

Screenwriting   |   Content development    |   Video production 

Stage and beyond 

Directing   |   Live marketing   |   A-Z Tailor made content

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